The cure for the common healthcare.

Consumer-direct health coverage without the burden of insurance.

Imagine a new kind of healthcare coverage. Where the open market determines costs. Pricing is completely transparent. And you have the freedom to choose where, when, who and what to do with your own care. That’s OM Healthcare—healthcare for the open market.

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What is OM?

OM Healthcare is health coverage without traditional health insurance. We created a consumer-direct experience that fundamentally changes how healthcare services are bought and sold, empowering patients and doctors to be the drivers of their own healthcare journey. With OM, patients guide their own spending, and control every aspect of their own care within a secure marketplace that provides easy access to a wide variety of medical services and providers.

How it works.

Healthcare is a multilayered and complicated industry that cannot be changed by technology alone. In order to revolutionize health care, we had to redesign the economics of it from the ground up. The result is a fundamentally new health coverage model that shifts control away from insurance companies, and gives it to patients and their doctors. To make all of this possible, we had to do three things:

  • Empower consumers with the knowledge and economic tools to take back control over their healthcare.

  • Provide a ready supply of high-quality health care providers offering services on a cash basis.

  • Create a new kind of health marketplace that brings them all together.

Let’s simplify healthcare, together.

With all of today’s innovations that make life easier, there’s no reason why healthcare shouldn’t be easier as well. That’s why we’ve streamlined the system by cutting traditional middle-men out of the loop, saving everyone time and money. So if you’re ready to move your health coverage into the 21st century, we’d love to hear from you.